Mutu umodzi siusenza denga” goes a wise saying.  This is so true when it comes to preparing for that perfect wedding.

In wedding planning, a lot of activities will take up your time and the likelihood of you forgetting some important aspects during the preparation cannot be overlooked. Not downplaying the importance of funds for the expenses the wedding day demands, and indeed other equally imperative features in as far as wedding planning in concerned, the significance of a wedding committee cannot be over emphasised.



A wedding committee basically functions as per the instructions given by you, the couple. Their role is to ensure that everything goes smoothly in all departments. Below are some factors to consider in choosing a committee for your wedding.


This is by far the most important factor to consider in committee member selection.  The question to ask here is “can you trust the committee members in handling cash”. Cases are common where the committee assists in buying and paying for items and materials for the wedding and this is where you absolutely need people that can be trusted. The committee should poses a sense of accountability.

The best way as a couple to avoid most financial disagreements with the committee is to save up and pay for all your wedding expenses before selecting your committee. Hand them over the necessary receipts and all they have to do is follow up on your choices.

The trust goes beyond handling finances here as wedding planning is way more than just money. The members of the committee must be trustworthy in handling their responsibility to the best of their abilities for the wedding ceremony be successful.


Someone being a relation or a best friend does not mean that they are meant for the job. Be sure to pick people who will get the job done, and will do it right. Look for people who fit the tasks at hand and can go the extra mile for you as in wedding planning, things don’t always go to plan. Unforeseen circumstances might crop up and this is where you need people that can go the extra mile for you.

Experience and / or special skills

Since preparations for weddings involve a lot of activities, you need to look for distinctive skills in picking a wedding committee. The skills can be but not limited to leadership, driving, record keeping, logistics and event planning.

It is also important to involve people that have walked down the aisle as they can have useful input in your wedding planning as they have gone through this process themselves.  It is equally important to involve people that have ever been on wedding committees for their experience.

Team players

The strength of any committee lies in the unity of its members. In coming up with a wedding committee, there is need to pick people that can work with others in forming a cohesive working environment. This will ensure the success of your wedding.

If you take the above factors into consideration before drawing up a list of your wedding committee members, you have taken a right step to guarantee a successful wedding. Selecting the wrong people on the other hand could lead to disaster on your wedding ceremony. You wouldn’t want that on your big day, would you?

Having a wedding committee for your wedding is an excellent idea since it helps lessen the pressure you might bump into when you plan for your wedding.


This article was written by Ursula Banda of Makeover Guru & Edward Governor of The Vow Team

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